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A Marchek Family Operation Since 1927

Marchek Ranches, Inc. has been owned and operated by the Marchek Family since it was purchased from The Miller & Lux Corporation in 1927. Since that time they have been managing the land, protecting the water resources, and respecting the nearby population just as Henry Miller, "The Cattle King", had insisted upon when he used the ranch as his regional headquarters in the mid to late 1800's. Located in the high desert country of Oregon, near Ontario, the ranch's primary function is still the same as it has been for nearly 200 years, raising beef cattle.

Raising cattle in desert country has always been challenging because grazing land is sparse, weather is severe and water is always in question. But the Marcheks face all adversity with the same practical thinking and perseverance that has kept the ranch going for the last three generations, and they know that diversification is an important part of ranching. In addition to raising Angus and Charolais cattle, they raise Foundation Quarter Horses , and Owyhee Bob cats. These, and other enterprises, help keep the ranch going, so it will be there for future generations.

Marchek Ranches, Inc.

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Breeding Legendary Quarter Horse Bloodlines since 1941

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Founders of the Owyhee Bob cat breed.

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